Oakwood understands the “big-picture” value of deploying the right resources for critical business needs and acquiring the right team to support your business initiatives.  We successfully partner with the most impactful companies in business including multiple fortune 100 companies, Top 10 banks, and Tier 1 management consulting clients, to create innovative Human Capital solutions.  Our Recruiting and HR solutions are all customizable allowing alignment with your specific business needs.

                            THE OAKWOOD DIFFERENCE

                            Two factors differentiate Oakwood: our extensive network of experienced professionals in specific areas of expertise and our ability to strategically deploy them on value-driven, results-focused assignments with accuracy and immediacy.  Our team leverages our industry expertise and comprehensive evaluation processes to ensure you find the most effective overall solution and delivering optimal results.

                            CANDIDATE/CLIENT REPRESENTATION

                            When it comes to the Human Resource and Recruiting disciplines, Oakwood Search and Oakwood Human Resources have unrivaled networks, tools, processes and systems to assure your needs are addressed with professionalism and efficiency.  Unfortunately, today’s business practices are not always as “magical” as we would like, and often require experienced mediation, management and communication that only an HR practitioner or professional recruiter can provide.  We have weathered the storms of many assignments, equipping us with the knowledge and expertise it requires to make the right connections in today’s fast-moving environment.

                            FOCUS AREAS

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                            CLIENT ENGAGEMENT

                            EXECUTIVE SEARCH

                            Our Senior Recruiting Team has extensive experience finding and placing Executive and C-Level professionals across an array of industries. Our Executive Search services rival or even beat some of the most renowned Executive Search firms in the world. We understand the intricacies of working at this level, the need for accurate listening and expectation setting, along with the ability to tap a network that produces results.

                            CONTINGENCY SEARCH

                            Drawing from decades of experience, we engage a research lead omni-channel attack on the specific market we are targeting. Once we have engaged the search, we typically comb through large numbers of candidates with the intent of identifying only the most worthy of your time. We work in a streamlined manner to make sure that working with us is a benefit and not a burden.

                            CONSULTING SERVICES

                            Whether it be temporary assistance, expert counsel, or additional manpower, our recruiting and human resource services are the key solutions to your business challenges.  Our firm is able to work alongside your company to deliver unparalleled results in a hassle free, informative manner.


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