How to Avoid the Ongoing Turnover and Retention Crisis

                            The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) states that the average cost of hire is approximate $4,100 and it takes over 40 days to fill a position. A bank with high turnover rates and retention problems will accrue these costs through different stages. First, there are the costs of severance pay, temporary replacements and overtime for other staff.

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                            Technology talent and quantitative expertise shifting

                            The optics of that could be devastating in the 2018 mid-terms, and the word from most of our banking clients is that they see the value in CCAR anyway. For this reason, hiring for CCAR professionals will likely remain strong, especially in terms of consultants.

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                            DOL Fiduciary Rule: Impact to hiring

                            As a result, many more employees will likely be needed to tackle this regulation

                            Oakwood has the expertise to find you the temporary or permanent staff you need to successfully navigate compliance of the DOL Fiduciary Rule by January 2018.

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                            Colorado adopts new cybersecurity rules

                            Colorado adopts new cybersecurity rules for broker-dealers and investment advisers. Every broker-deal and investment adviser in Colorado need to have a cybersecurity plan or they could find themselves in trouble with the state’s securities commissioner. Continue...

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                            Fast Growth Propels Oakwood Search to Top Spot

                            Oakwood Search was honored recently as the winner of the 2017 Denver Business Journal Small Business Award. According to the Denver Business Journal, Oakwood Search achieved an impressive percentage revenue growth of 5,284.1%, expanding from $119,500 in 2013 to $6.43...

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                            Oakwood Search finds talent for financial industry

                            PAULA MOORE Contributing Writer The Oakwood Search recruiting firm has grown in recent years partly because of the increased sophistication of the financial services industry it serves, but also because of relationships it has built. The company’s clients run the...

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